Love these gals and guys! Easy to schedule, always on time and they do great work!

5 180 Automotive 3/14/2017

Excellent service; caring, professional, and with a personal touch not often exhibited in today's rush-rush society. They also go to great lengths to research your vehicle for updates, recalls, weird little quirks, etc. They approach the care of your car in a smart, and methodical way. They don't make knee-jerk judgements on what needs fixing. They are also excellent at communicating every little step of the process, even texting you pictures if needed. My little girls especially loved the two stuffed monkeys waiting for them in their car seats. Does 180 cost a little more than some places? Maybe...but the peace of mind is worth it for us.

5 180 Automotive 3/6/2017

The level of customer service at 180 Automotive was amazing! This may, legitimately, be the friendliest, most helpful auto repair shop in America.

5 180 Automotive 2/28/2017

Love this place. I bring in my car for any and all concerns and the team is the best, trustworthy and efficient.

5 180 Automotive 2/27/2017

Great service as always!

5 180 Automotive 2/26/2017

I've never felt so comfortable with a mechanic. I can trust you, and that's a big deal!

5 180 Automotive 2/24/2017

I was quoted over $600 on a repair and wanted a second opinion. A friend recommended 180 Auto and I have to say they've earned their stellar reputation! They were professional, the office was lovely- AND it turns out I didn't need the recommended repair at all!!!! Never going to a dealership again, I am going to be coming here for my auto maintenance needs from now on.

5 180 Automotive 2/23/2017

180 Automotive is the best! Thorough review of my auto, friendly staff, honest mechanic and impeccable service! We've been customers for over 4 years! Thank you for taking care of us!

5 180 Automotive 2/8/2017

I love 180 Auto. Kenny is wonderful as are all of the staff. I know I can trust when they tell me I need something done and they always prioritize what has to be done now versus what can wait.

5 180 Automotive 2/7/2017

Excellent and very prompt customer service! Immaculate shop, comfortable lounge and great parking for a central Phoenix shop. I will definitely return for future service.

5 180 Automotive 2/6/2017