I had taken my truck to 180 for 2 years now and I wouldn't take it anywhere else. They are always incredibly friendly and honest. That is pretty substantial when there are so many mechanic shops and dealer ships that will do anything to make an extra buck. Thank you for doing what you guys do so well!!

5 180 Automotive 5/7/2017

Excellent personalized service. Explained everything clearly. Good value for money spent.

5 180 Automotive 5/3/2017

Best experience I've had with a mechanic hands down! Honest, fair and friendly.

5 180 Automotive 4/30/2017

In the short time I have lived in Arizona, 180 Degrees Automotive has gone above and beyond for each and every project they've done for me. Whether it be routine maintenance, or repairing my rear differential when my car was hit, they have always done quality work and gone out of their way to keep me in the loop with everything. I am one who has always worked on my own vehicle, and with my move to an apartment in Phoenix, I am not able to do so anymore. Despite this, I am happy to leave my car in the hands of 180 Auto. Doug and the technicians who have worked on my car are knowledgeable, thorough, and I always leave happy with the quality of work.

5 180 Automotive 4/30/2017

Love 180 Auto. Fast, affordable, knowledgeable and nice. Great combination.

5 180 Automotive 4/21/2017

Great service!

5 180 Automotive 4/4/2017

Great service, as always! I sure appreciate the team.

5 180 Automotive 3/29/2017

Fabulous service and great people!

5 180 Automotive 3/24/2017

The service was very good

4 180 Automotive 3/19/2017

It's hard to find a good mechanic. I've mainly dealt with shops who just want money out of me but here I know that's not the case. Sadly I lived and learned but happy I found a shop that genuinely cares and educates. Thank you guys so much for helping me.

5 180 Automotive 3/17/2017