I've just finished dealing with 180 Auto in the last few days.First things first:I bought a car off craigslist without having a mechanic look at it (I know, I'm a dummy) because the seller disclosed what her "mechanic" had diagnosed to be a $200-300 repair. She discounted $300 and we bought it. I had a mechanic that specializes in emissions repairs look at it, and he determined that the issue was in the cylinder itself and it would cost upward of $1200 to replace.Enter 180 Auto. I brought my car there and was met with the most rad lobby area. It wasn't full of rims and car magazines. The furniture and layout was super modern and very well kept. There was an area with toys for little ones, a Keurig machine, bags of goldfish for the littles and lots of locally made goods/art for sale. After a ton of basically free diagnostics (my car was there almost two days), I walked out the door with the same diagnosis as the first mechanic. The whole situation REALLY sucks but the reason they get 5 stars is the INCREDIBLE amount of compassion and kindness they showed me through the whole process. Doug, my point of contact, explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. The only "up-sell" was an oil change that was VERY overdue anyway. Bogi- the owner- is super rad and again awesome at explaining the whole thing to me. These are definitely my go-to mechanics from now on. But, for now, I'm stuck with a car that drives fine but won't pass emissions. Which is sad. But my fault. But still sad.

5 180 Automotive 3/29/2014

Been here only once, but such great service. Super friendly. They explained all the problems in detail. The inside looks more like a fancy restaurant than an automotive shop, which is s good thing! They did a follow up call, just checking in to see how my car was working and if I had any questions. I will definitely be going back!

5 180 Automotive 3/12/2014

It's like automotive zen! Quiet, spacious work bays with highly educated service technicians that genuinely care abour your automotive well being! Even the waiting area is a calming experience capable of providing a safw haven while Bogi and her staff exorcise the demons out of your ride and get back on your way!

5 180 Automotive 12/11/2013

Auto repair shops are like hospitals: you hope not to frequent them, but are especially grateful when you've found a really good one. 180 Degrees Automotive is my new car clinic. Fortunately, I went in on a small matter: I only needed a place to bring my Wrangler for its first oil change. While I did not have the benefit of a friend's coupon (new customers receive 2 "free oil change" certificates to distribute), my Yelp check-in brought the total cost down to around $28.Service was friendly and helpful: a whiteboard greeted each client on the schedule by name. The chic glass-and-cement waiting area is the cleanest and most comfortable I've ever seen, with complimentary snacks and a Keurig machine for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Driver service was offered, even for my oil change. The number of satisfied, repeat clients for non-oil change matters who I saw processed through reception also boosted my confidence. I arrived for my 8:00 appointment on-time and left almost exactly an hour later, in less time than the 90-minute estimate given to me.Overall, my visit was a surprisingly pleasant experience that I never thought I would have at a garage.

5 180 Automotive 11/8/2013

Came in for an oil change and was told I didn't need one on a used Volvo I just bought. They could have done it anyway and gotten paid for it but instead they were honest and excellent. Got a free inspection and a new place to take all my vehicles that I can trust. Thank you for being awesome.

Christian -thank you so much for your review. We definitely take it very seriously that we will never sell you work that isn't needed! Phoenix Auto Repair | 180 Automotive
5 180 Automotive 9/20/2013

I went to 180 Degrees Automotive to get a second opinion. I had gone to my dealer for an oil change and got a call from them saying I needed $1200 worth of repairs -- and they couldn't wait. I was shocked at the unexpected assessment and they were shocked that I didn't say "yes" do them right now -- AND they made me feel like crap that I didn't care about my car. Instead I went for a second opinion.180 Degree Automotive took a look at my car. They agreed that one of the repairs should probably be done right soon as my water pump was starting to leak and it could affect my engine if the car overheated. Considering it's still hot in Phoenix, I agreed. They said the other repairs were less urgent, and recommended I get them done within the next 3 months, which was a much more affordable option.They explained things, didn't make me feel foolish and drove me to work and back to the shop to get my car. Never once did I feel like they were pressure-selling me anything. They treated me like a valued-customer.I highly recommend them.

Thanks so much for taking the time to post a review Michelle! We are so happy to hear that you were happy with your experience. Makes our day :) Phoenix Auto Repair | 180 Automotive
5 180 Automotive 9/16/2013

Brought my SUV in for a check up/oil change before a road trip. I was very happy with how nice and informative they were. I was concerned at first that they quoted such an expensive price for the hitch install, turns out they were being honest and up front, the other places were quoting prices that were not the whole story. I did find a place that beat their price, but only by 10 bucks, I went with the other place cuz it was a lot closer to where I live... I would be back when in need of a trustworthy mechanic.

Courtney - Thank you for your feedback and honesty! Glad to hear you were able to get it taken care of for your trip! Phoenix Auto Repair | 180 Automotive
4 180 Automotive 8/28/2013

I couldn't be happier with my 180 experience. I was referred there by a friend, so I got a free oil change. Along with the oil change comes a free 30 point inspection of the car. The thing that I really appreciated was that they did find I should change out three different fluids, but instead of insisiting I do them all that day, they suggested we break them out over the next three oil changes I have. They were very good at explaining everything as well, so I don't feel like they were trying to rip me off or add services I really didn't need.Oh, and I did I mention their waiting room? It's amazing! Very urban/modern with a coffee maker, great music, etc. I actually was sad I didn't just work from there that day as it was really comfortable. :)

4 180 Automotive 8/27/2013

I love this place! The waiting area is more comfortable and welcoming than my home. The staff is helpful and charming. The work is always honest and clearly explained. I would never let anyone else touch my car. So glad to have an auto repair shop run by people who clearly care so much about their customers!

5 180 Automotive 7/31/2013

I was absolutely dreading being up this early today to bring my car in. I'm definitely not a big morning person and sitting in the cramped waiting area of an auto mechanic shop sounded miserable. I arrived and was pleasantly surprised to find new facilities from my visit years ago to 180. My previous experience was satisfactory and went as well as could be expected (hence I was happy to use them again today) but today I'm happy to report that they far exceeded all expectations with their new, beautiful location that I would have been happy to hang out at! That being said, I didn't have to hang out there because I was offered a ride to a nearby breakfast spot. I'm writing this review while eating an omelette. Terrible morning turned actually surprisingly pleasant. Thanks, 180! Wonderful staff and honest, reliable results.

5 180 Automotive 7/16/2013