The only place I trust with 2000 Camry. Good people, good service and a nice cup of coffee. Thank you for being there. Mred

5 180 Automotive 9/24/2017

What a fabulous experience, from start to finish. The service was completed exactly as discussed, and when there was a bit of an unexpected delay (totally out of anyone's control) that found me running late to pick my kids up from school, they proactively retrieved my kids' carseats and the shuttle took me to pick the kids up. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer!

5 180 Automotive 9/21/2017

Great team! They worked quickly to get me on the road with a loaner car after some delay. Was most impressed with how well the car worked after the repair!!! Thank you!

5 180 Automotive 9/19/2017

Great service. Honest and trustworthy people that genuinely care about your situation and will do what they can to save you money. I recommend 180 automotive place to anyone needing service!

5 180 Automotive 9/13/2017

Very, Very Professional. Outstanding service. Lucky for me the lady was smarter that I.

5 180 Automotive 9/5/2017

Thanks so much for keeping our Kia running! You are the best team and we appreciate all the work you do!

5 180 Automotive 8/30/2017

I took my car to 2 different mechanics to fix my A/C. One was my regular mechanic (Simon's Auto) who I never felt 100% trusted with, but it was pretty good as at time I felt he could have charged me for more than he did and didn't. The last time was a complete failure of misdiagnosing (bad compressor) and runarounds. I then took my car to NAPA Auto at 4144 E. Thomas in Phoenix. This joker said it was a bad hose which had a hole in it from the engine. There was part of the engine that was rubbing it as it is slightly unstable and apparently jostles upwards thus cutting into the hose. However, upon my own further inspection at home the hose was not punctured and was not the source of the problem. The manual labor of "moving the front end" back out 1/4-1/2 of an inch due to the sequela after the accident was going to cost me 1.5 manual hours of labor (~$175). I did that with my channel locks at home in 3 minutes. I think it's important to set the stage to show why I'm so happy I found this place. After deciding to basically throw in the towel, my wife recommended this place. Driving there with no expectations of happy outcome we were greeted by a very friendly staff. The staff got us in quicker than the 45 minutes told to us, and then I was called up by the lady at the counter. Next, another lady comes over to greets us along with the tech. He shows me the dirty air filter that was causing my problem. A $65 fix. I was telling my wife, I don't understand these other people. I told them all that it wasn't blowing hard. AC ok in cold, but minimal air flow. What moves air? A blower motor. I didn't know there was a filter to that assembly BUT if you are a mechanic you do, or should. Basic Mechanics 101. To misdiagnosis this is gross incompetence. If there is no gross incompetence, then it calls into question a persons ethics by wanting to charge you more than should be. It's unfortunate about the couple bad reviews because after reading them, I think there is information lacking. There oil change is more than others, but you are getting optimal oil, more additives that increase performance and prolong the next needed appointment. And they do other non routine checks. If you just want the basic oil change, then go to Jiffy Lube. But IMO everything is laid out for you. There is no fine print here. Lastly, I really like the decor inside. The fact that the owner has a mentor program is awesome. This is a company that is actually helping to give people that experience that every place wants but no one gives you. And that helps stimulate the economy. My perspective is that this place has a good core, so might have a bad apple here and there (experience), but I don't think that's reflective of the core values of the place. Lastly, any place with a clean bathroom, that is always a good sign! Think about it...if you eat at a place with a bad bathroom, what does that say about the kitchen? And this is car shop, not even a restaurant!

5 180 Automotive 8/18/2017

I always get great customer service and detailed explanations about my vehicle repairs. They are vary accommodating to my schedule plus the shuttle service is really a benefit along with loaner cars.

5 180 Automotive 8/7/2017

Best service I have received. Issues with car very well explained! Thank you.

5 180 Automotive 8/3/2017

Thank you for the awesome service.

5 180 Automotive 7/22/2017