Love this crew. They have kept my vehicle safe and well maintained and I couldn't be more grateful!!

5 180 Automotive 10/17/2017

They truly are the best. They go through everything on your car. Awesome staff and always welcome you with a smile.

5 180 Automotive 10/12/2017

Always prompt, friendly and courteous service – we wouldn't take our car anywhere else.

5 180 Automotive 10/8/2017

All the work was done as planned and the price charged as estimated!

5 180 Automotive 10/2/2017

I've always gotten friendly + thorough service, not only from the mechanic but also ftom the office people. One time my car wouldn't start so it had to be towed. Before I got it checked into the office, the mechanic gave my keys back to me then said it's ok and no charge. He then told me the battery cable was just loose. He could have told me anything and I wouldn't have known any different ! Another time a repair job was going to cost me more than a thousand dollars (which I didn't have) and for some reason the office person asked me if I was a veteran. I said yes, so she changed my total owed so it was $756. I didn't think to ask for a vet discount but thank Heaven they asked !

5 180 Automotive 9/30/2017

The only place I trust with 2000 Camry. Good people, good service and a nice cup of coffee. Thank you for being there. Mred

5 180 Automotive 9/24/2017

What a fabulous experience, from start to finish. The service was completed exactly as discussed, and when there was a bit of an unexpected delay (totally out of anyone's control) that found me running late to pick my kids up from school, they proactively retrieved my kids' carseats and the shuttle took me to pick the kids up. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer!

5 180 Automotive 9/21/2017

Great team! They worked quickly to get me on the road with a loaner car after some delay. Was most impressed with how well the car worked after the repair!!! Thank you!

5 180 Automotive 9/19/2017

Great service. Honest and trustworthy people that genuinely care about your situation and will do what they can to save you money. I recommend 180 automotive place to anyone needing service!

5 180 Automotive 9/13/2017

Very, Very Professional. Outstanding service. Lucky for me the lady was smarter that I.

5 180 Automotive 9/5/2017