The complete operation is first class. The place is super clean. After my Jeep came off lift someone was there to mop up. Had a young lady mechanic working on the car, all is super😀. The office and waiting are also very neat. It's like the name, they are opposite of every auto shop I have been in.

5 180 Automotive 10/29/2016

180 consistently offers comprehensive and trustworthy service. If you care about getting the most out of your car and keeping it reliable and safe for a long, long time, trust it to 180. (Owner of a 2006 Jetta with no end in sight.)

5 180 Automotive 10/23/2016

You did well. Thank you

5 180 Automotive 10/21/2016

Lot of work done in a day, being able to have a car to take the work was a blessing.

4 180 Automotive 10/21/2016

Everyone was so friendly and wonderful at 180 Degrees Automotive! They took their time to explain exactly what was wrong with my vehicle and all the options that I had. They didn't make me feel pressured into any repairs but reassured me that they could take care of me, in a reasonable amount of time, when I didn't make a decision.

5 180 Automotive 10/17/2016

Doug found the source of the rattling noise (loose trunk cable and plate), otherwise mistaken for a strut problem, which it wasn't. Thanks Boggie, Doug, Nina.

4.5 180 Automotive 10/17/2016

180 Auto is the only place I'd ever take my car and Bogi is a goddess!

5 180 Automotive 10/17/2016

cleanest shop i've ever seen. how you do that is beyond me. thanks for servicing my vehicle:)

5 180 Automotive 10/16/2016

The service was absolutely a wonderful experience in auto repairs and service. Totally customer oriented and professional. I have recommended you to some of my friends. George Mcafee

4.5 180 Automotive 10/12/2016

Awesome as always.

5 180 Automotive 10/7/2016