Lot of work done in a day, being able to have a car to take the work was a blessing.

4 180 Automotive 10/21/2016

Everyone was so friendly and wonderful at 180 Degrees Automotive! They took their time to explain exactly what was wrong with my vehicle and all the options that I had. They didn't make me feel pressured into any repairs but reassured me that they could take care of me, in a reasonable amount of time, when I didn't make a decision.

5 180 Automotive 10/17/2016

Doug found the source of the rattling noise (loose trunk cable and plate), otherwise mistaken for a strut problem, which it wasn't. Thanks Boggie, Doug, Nina.

4.5 180 Automotive 10/17/2016

180 Auto is the only place I'd ever take my car and Bogi is a goddess!

5 180 Automotive 10/17/2016

cleanest shop i've ever seen. how you do that is beyond me. thanks for servicing my vehicle:)

5 180 Automotive 10/16/2016

The service was absolutely a wonderful experience in auto repairs and service. Totally customer oriented and professional. I have recommended you to some of my friends. George Mcafee

4.5 180 Automotive 10/12/2016

Awesome as always.

5 180 Automotive 10/7/2016

Knowledgeable, kind, & helpful. The staff takes the time to explain things in layman's terms, and categorize by importance and cost! Great waiting area and shuttle service.

5 180 Automotive 10/5/2016

We've used 180 for over most of their 10 years in business and allow them to work on our domestic and imported autos. We trust them and appreciate how they always do their best to find the best costs on parts, etc. I know the owner Bogi, cares about our happiness and the Staff does their best to also uphold those standards. They will lend you a car for the day if you need one and sometimes they are able to just drive me back home.There have been auto emergencies and we can call and typically get in right away--it's very helpful to have your auto technicians feel like a part of the family....they offer great service and they're great folks. Highly recommend.

5 180 Automotive 10/3/2016

I love this place! So bright, clean, friendly.... The techs will actually even talk to you and not hide behind a closed garage door! And they do exactly what they told you they were going to do, nothing over the top or unnecessary. You just get your car back in great shape!

5 180 Automotive 10/3/2016