I've been going to 180 automotive to take care of my mini cooper ever since the warranty expired, and they have been awesome. Every time I have an issue, they are the first ones I go to. They let me know what issues are most pressing to fix, and which can wait. There is no pressure, and they explain in detail what is going on with my vehicle (even sending pictures and answering some of my very long winded questions). I look forward (as much as one can look forward to fixing a vehicle) to working with the in the future.

5 180 Automotive 1/13/2017

Always so helpful in finding the right part for a great price. They provide great feedback on options and how immediate I should fix something. I honestly cannot sing their praises enough!

5 180 Automotive 1/8/2017

Hi Gang: As usual, the service and professional treatment while @ your shop is still outstanding. For Doug: I made contact with my old Benz Rep @ Scottsdale Mercedes and tried to get some sympathy to see if he would cover the Struts that they replaced @ 70K but he tole me it was too far in the rears. He did tell me that it could be the same as you stated, a lead in the line or something else. He said Struts usually last 60 - 80K and suggested the test that you are going to do before automatically replacing the Struts. Any way, I will see you on Tuesday AM and I'm sure you will get to the bottom of it. George

4.5 180 Automotive 1/6/2017

The fine folks at 180 Automotive are trustworthy, detail-oriented, and willing to go the extra mile. That's how you earn a lifelong customer!

5 180 Automotive 12/31/2016

I LOVE 180!!! They are super friendly, extremely capable & efficient, & I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. Great shuttle, loaner car if necessary & always an honest assessment of what my car needs. A dream automotive shop!

5 180 Automotive 12/24/2016

Great service, great people. I'm glad to have a repair shop that feels good to visit. And to have thoughtful mechanics who are clear and communicative about what needs to be done now, what's on the horizon, and how best to achieve my car-longevity goals.

5 180 Automotive 12/23/2016

180 Auto is simply the best auto mechanic shop I have ever had the pleasure to work with -- they are polite, helpful, informative, responsive and thorough. On this occasion, I had a coolant level issue and they noticed this had happened six months before and did a bit of additional diagnosis. A $50 part was needed. They ordered it, called me when it was in -- and then fixed it in 5 minutes when I brought the car back. Start to finish, a very, very good experience. It's been like that every time I have visited over the past 18 months. I highly recommend them.

5 180 Automotive 12/23/2016

Car is running "Great". Thanks and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

4.5 180 Automotive 12/21/2016

The best I've ever encountered....and I'm no spring chicken!

5 180 Automotive 12/19/2016

better than the dealer. my wife and I both use 180 for 2 different cars. thanks!

4.5 180 Automotive 12/18/2016