I was referred to by a friend who got exceptional service on his car and then a few weeks later a groupon.com deal popped up for an oil change and so I thought it was kismet, bought the coupon and scheduled an appointment. When I got to the shop, there was nary a place to park... but again, it was as if the stars were aligning for my experience as another customer drove away freeing up a spot just as I was turning into the lot!When I walked in, Bogi and her mother were there finishing up a Thai meal and we immediately started chatting about food... as a foodie, it made me feel at home, and I brought out my lunch and started eating with them right after filling out a quick order slip. Then we continued chatting about food... Chinese places and not being able to find a favorite one here in the valley coming from the places we came from, foods we can't live without, food allergies, and cooking utensils--in particular an awesome Wok Bogi's mom was so excited about cooking wit. I even got a kick butt Tofu ginger recipe from Bogi and heard the story about when she learned to drive. Pretty darn cool.I know this doesn't sound like a review of an auto repair shop yet, but that's just it... I LOVED the hospitality of my first non-dealership auto repair/upkeep experience @ 180 degrees. Too often I've felt like another number... going to the same dealership consistently and yet I remember the staff better than they remember me. It's a nice touch to be remembered, especially when you make an appointment and they STILL don't know your name and ask for your information ALL OVER AGAIN. Or they don't call you loud enough when your car is done so you are there longer than necessary. I always bring stuff with me to pass the time, and have on numerous occasions overstayed because I didn't hear the call for my car because I'm outside or lost in a book. I swear, there should be a board that has your name on it just in case you don't hear your name called! Another thing I hate is when you are asked over and over if you've changed the timing belt or spark plugs when you've already told them yes, you have. FRUSTRATING.So, going to 180 Degrees Auto was a breath of fresh air. Bogi only asked me questions because it was my first time there and she inspected the car after it was done. She told me everything was in order. A creature of habit, I stuck with the dealership's shop but now I'm gonna go with 180 degrees. WHOLEHEARTEDLY.I think the only thing I'll miss about not going to to the dealership service shop is the free car wash. But that's a small price to pay for such honest and helpful service at 180 degrees. Even hearing them on the phone setting up appointments and giving the bad news to car owners in the most positive light possible truly makes me believe that Bogi and her staff will do their absolute best for me... and for you... if you take a chance!

5 180 Automotive 1/30/2010

Sorry pessimists, but more of the same....Bogi and her team were tremendous. I brought them two cars, one for a simple oil change the second for actual servicing. For the oil change, they did the job and provided a careful overview of what to watch for, (no pressure), and gave me my own personal tutorial. For my service issue, it turned out to be a smaller problem than I was anticipating, less than $200 including diagnosis, parts and labor...results, check engine light off, car running smoothly, and of course my own "what to watch for" as well. Oh, and they really do give rides if you need them :). In an industry distraught with negative associations; the price hikes, lack of honesty, etc...it is my pleasure to have had my cars serviced here. It feels good to have a service shop that I can go to without hesitation going forward. Now I just need a good dry cleaner, ugh.

5 180 Automotive 1/20/2010

180 Automotive replaced my radiator and timing belt on my 2000 Honda Civic. The team did an outstanding job. What I liked most was the fact that they were so fair in their pricing. Since I had asked for a timing belt replacement, they recommended we replace some other critical components (water pump and drive belt) with no additional labor cost. I just bought the parts and they reassembled the car with the new components. 180 Automotive saved me hundreds of dollars over the dealer price (which I did verify) and with a lot less frustration. When I did verify pricing with the dealer they had recommended some additional part replacements which were totally unneccessary, adding an addtional $300 in just parts. I'm an engineer, and while I may not understand everything automotive, I know enough to understand when I'm being snowed. 180 Automotive does good work and they do so ethically. Not sure what else you can ask for in a mechanic.

5 180 Automotive 1/16/2010

Pleasantly surprised by Bogi, Louie and her shop today. I was having some problems getting my car started and not only did Bogi ask me if I wanted to come out into the shop to see what she had found, but she was friendly and informative. Normally I have to ask to be shown things in other shops, and I feel like I'm really asking for a lot when I do this.Turned out it was a loose battery connector and no charge to me. (I'm a dork)I dig honest, prompt, and courteous service -- so I'll definitely be back with more automotive service requests in the future.

5 180 Automotive 10/30/2009

In need of an oil change NOW, and knowing that I had 3 days left before the factory warranty on my G35 expired, I brought my car to 180 Degrees Automotive. I had read an article about Bogi on AZCentral.com and had a pretty good feeling about her and her shop. She quoted me $37 for the oil change (the dealership quoted me $70), and assured me that even though I had probably been told to use synthetic oil, I didn't actually need it, unless that's what had previously been put in the car (it wasn't). In addition to needing an oil change, my heater wasn't working properly, and as it's FINALLY cooling off in Phoenix, I needed that to be looked at, and I wanted to overall inspection done to see if anything needed to be repaired/replaced before my warranty expired. (I just don't trust the dealership and was afraid that today, they'd tell me everything's fine, but a week from now, I'd need a new transmission or something...) I decided to wait at the shop and chatted with Bogi's Mom, Karen, who works at the front desk - super nice lady! Not only was the work done quickly, but my heater was fixed without having to drain and replace all of the fluids and AT NO CHARGE! The service was fantastic, fast and affordable. I trust Bogi and her staff with my car, and will definitely be a customer for life.

5 180 Automotive 10/28/2009

Ms Bogi is by far the most down to earth and Honest Mechanic in the Valley. I'm a customer for Life, Thanks again The crew at Phoenix Towing Service

5 180 Automotive 10/7/2009

First reason I decided to go here: Locally-owned in Melrose. My 'hood (well at least for the next 24 hours)Second reason: It's owned by a GIRL!Third reason: Educational seminars on maintenance for your car. Seriously, I don't understand how some people can't check their own oil, so I hope they take some initiative and go to class!Fourth reason: Yelp reviews.So, Baby needed an oil change. Badly. Like needed fluids more than an illegal crossing the desert. I pulled in today around noon. Bogi's mom works the counter, and she's from back East, so we did a lot of talking. I was there for about an hour, but I hadn't made an appointment, so I had no problem with it. I got to chat with Bogi and her mom and totally hand a native Arizonan his ass as he dissed NY/NJ. I mean, did he really think he could go up against 3 East Coast chicas and win???? He was walking funny on the way out, I tell ya what.The invoice had a note on it that my front tires were getting low on tread, which is great because with low-profiles, you have to keep an eye on them.The bill? $37.00 and some change. For an oil change. No pressure to get synthetic, which is way more costly.Thank, Bogi and your mom, for making my oil change painless. East Coast sisters unite!

5 180 Automotive 10/2/2009

My car had a stubborn problem. The mechanics I had been using kept throwing my money at the problem but not solving it, concluding that yet another very expensive fix was needed. I read about Bogi and decided to give her a try. She quickly dismissed the expensive suggestion, and approached the problem logically and systematically. She solved it quickly and saved me a lot of money.She didn't throw my money at the problem, was honest and a pleasure to do business with. I'm sold.

5 180 Automotive 8/29/2009

Bogi and crew were awesome! While they couldn't help me out, they referred me to a great shop who could - I have an older diesel that was not too healthy. Great atmosphere, wonderfully helpful, honest, and professional. I will be bringing my other vehicles there when I need work done. - Thank you Bogi!

5 180 Automotive 8/28/2009

I took my 2002 Saturn into this shop based on the good reviews on Yelp. I was not disappointed. Bogi is terrific! I picked her shop because it isn't too far from where I work and they took me to work and picked me up when my car was done. I was tired of going into shops where they tell you need other work done. Bogi explained everything to me. What sold me was I met a man there taking his car in (told me he had a newer car under warranty) and he told me he felt better taking his car into Bogi's place rather than the dealer! She is terrific! Will definitely take my car back to her.

5 180 Automotive 7/25/2009