I'm not going to lie. My husband was PISSED when he got his car back. They didn't do anything he told them to do. He was livid.But let me start from the beginning. We walked it and it was a beautiful shop. Seriously, the comfiest shop ever. The kids grabbed a seat, watched some tv, had a piece of candy. It was great. I was seriously impressed by the place. The front desk person was super sweet. The customer service was really great all around. But then we got the car back, drove it home, and it was busted. I can't get too in to detail, because I don't know all that much about cars. But in his fury, my husband pulled out his paper to show me all the places he told them to do certain things, and his diagnoses and that they didn't do any of it. There were things he paid for that weren't done, things that were done wrong... etc. etc. etc.But everyone makes mistakes right? It's all in how it's handled, right? So the husband calls the shop, the OWNER comes TO OUR HOUSE with a lender car and a tow. They totally worked around our schedule to make sure I could pick it up for him while he was working. They threw in a couple freebies, didn't charge for some stuff they could have... they just really went above and beyond to make it right. And that's why they get 5 stars from me. I don't think them messing up is common at all, I think maybe it was a busy day, things got overlooked, or whatever. Nonetheless, the inconvenience was handled wonderfully and we will without a doubt be going back.

5 180 Automotive 8/16/2012

I love this place! I've been taking my car to 180 auto for the last couple years and have never left disappointed. Bogi, Lisa, Whitney, Angel and Kenny (yes, I know them all by name, that's how friendly and cool they are) have always been completely honest with me and have never tried to sell me work they didn't think I absolutely needed. They have shown me a level of customer service that is unparallel to anywhere. I frequently just stop in to chat with the crew. They have all become good friends of mine. If your looking for a place you can trust with amazing customer service go here, hands down!

5 180 Automotive 6/26/2012

There's a reason why the ratings from so many yelpers are so high for this auto shop and that's because, it's the absolute best in the valley! I have been taking various clunkers to Bogi and the crew at 180 auto all the way back in the day when they were in their original building (even before the 7th ave location). Finding a trustworthy, ethical, efficient, and honest mechanic is like winning the lottery. I have been in some really awful situations with various cars over the years (I think I have car karma, or "carma" as I affectionately refer to it). One of the things that just blows me away is the kindness and openness in dealing with any of the staff at 180 auto. They consistently rise above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping me out with my assortment of mechanical problems with cars I have had them work on. Given the fact that every car I have had over the years has been a junker and held together with a combination of duct tape, paper clips, and gum, I can only tell you that the mechanics, and Bogi in particular, are like car magicians! They do whatever they can to work on the repairs that they know are critical, based upon my budget at the time. I really like that fact that they do a complete analysis on what's going on with my car and break it down by the most urgent repairs, to things that are really important, but the car will keep going if it doesn't happen immediately. The fact that each car I have brought in over the years was a disaster on wheels didn't matter to them. They treated me (and still do) with the same level of care and respect as if I was bringing them a porche or jaguar to work on. It doesn't matter that me and my janky hooptie cars are ghetto-unfabulous, I get the same attention and care as if I were a millionaire. Most importantly, they are honest! No hidden mark-up's on parts and labor and they don't create "problems" that don't exist to try and milk you out of your money. Like I said, finding a place like this is rare, and while I'm sure I could write another 20 pages of praise about Bogi and the crew, I'll wrap this up by saying, find out for yourself what an honest and reliable auto shop should be like, go see Bogi and sfaff at 180 Auto!

5 180 Automotive 5/26/2012

This place has definitely won my loyalty. I've always been paranoid about getting ripped off at an auto shop - I'm pretty cynical in that I assume a mechanic/contractor/car salesman will rip me off unless they prove otherwise. So it's with great relief that I found 180 Degrees on Yelp. It's not a big deal to get good service if you have a run-of-the-mill, straightforward service issue. What makes a place stand out is when you have an anomalous malfunction that requires special handling. I had just such a case with an alternator last year that required me to come in several times due to a defectively designed part that Hyundai officially claimed "shouldn't be a probem", even though numerous others with that year/model had the same issue. Despite hours of research on online auto forums, I was not able to find any real solutions. I was really pleased with how 180 Degrees handled it. Bogi personally oversaw it, spending many hours of labor which required multiple sessions to troubleshoot the issue (as I said, the Hyundai dealership didn't have an answer). Each time, I got rides, or a loaner, and frequent updates. Bogi even drove my car for a day to detect when & how my car acted up. She came in on a Saturday morning to get my car back to me. I felt like a valued client, not just a "job". I recently took her car class for women (free!), and got a lot out of it. Bogi is passionate about what she does, which translates to integrity, providing superior service and going above and beyond. I feel relief in knowing I can trust that my car is in good hands.

5 180 Automotive 1/26/2012

"Crank up the air conditioning!" Is what my uncle yelled at me one afternoon. Apparently, when you live in Phoenix, the second you get into your vehicle in the summer you need to turn your AC on full blast in order for the vehicle to cool off ASAP.Ok, Ok, I cranked the AC and we were on our way to go to dinner. My AC is not getting cool. My uncle starts screaming,"Im dead! This is hell! I'm dead and we are driving through Phoenix in the afternoon with broken Air Conditioning! I know what hell is now!" I didn't know what to do?! It was working the day before and suddenly it wasn't. I naturally turned to my favorite Phoenix Yelper, Thomas S. He reviewed this place and luckily its right around the corner from my uncles house too.I called them and told them what was going on and they couldn't take my truck until the following day. That was fine because we had my uncles truck to drive, which has great AC.Dropped it off in the morning and by the late afternoon it was all ready to go. We had a long drive ahead of us to Show Low. They were honest and said that I would probably need it rechecked when I got back to California but the quick fix they did should hold me over during my trip.It took my AC about a whole day of driving to finally work properly. The cool air was spotty at times during the initial road trip. It was working full blast again the rest of my days in the Arizona heat.Customer service was knowledgeable and my only complaint was the delay in service. I didn't need it ASAP so I really didn't mind but if I was in a pinch I probably would have gone else where the day I initially called.Other than that Id trust my vehicles here.

4 180 Automotive 11/27/2011

My car died on me. I read about all the good reviews and was impressed. They were the first place I called. I called other places but they quoted me the best so I went with them, and I'm glad that I did. my repair actually came out cheaper that the original quote and I have been driving happily since then. ps. They were super nice! I've recommended several people, and they have all had great services too.

5 180 Automotive 10/20/2011

Bogi, the boss, Lisa and Whitney are my heros! The service is great, the prices fair, and the turn around time amazing. The best part is, I TRUST Bogi and her mechanics.

5 180 Automotive 10/15/2011

I stopped by this place because a friend had recommended them, so I thought I would try them out. I knew I needed brakes and possibly rotors, and I tend to wait to the possibly last second to get them done (which is costly and dumb). They were very friendly and fit me in with an appointment for the following day. They had replaced my brakes and rotors within 3 hours of bringing in my car for $430, which is about an average price. They did try to sell me on a tire rotation and a oil change, I declined. But at least they didn't try to sell me on an air filter, I'm so annoyed when places try to do that, hell I can replace that myself. I would go to this place again, they're easy to work with and they seem pretty honest.

4 180 Automotive 10/11/2011

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Bogi, Lisa, Angel and Louie are amazing! I know she has a couple new additions to the crew as well, just don't know them as well. They are always honest. I NEVER am concerned I am being ripped off or overcharged because they lay out a clear plan of attack for whatever needs to be done. 180 has done all of the maintenance on my car when the time came to start replacing belts, brakes, pumps, hoses, etc. and has always done stellar work!I took Bogi's car class and learned so much. I have AAA and a cell phone but I am more aware and I just feel more independent. Now, I know I can change a flat tire on my own and have the basic knowledge to take care of my car. I am moving in November and am going to miss them. Who misses their mechanic? Lula (the car) and I will!

5 180 Automotive 8/5/2011

Unreal! I've never found a truly trustworthy mechanic in my life, but I have now. I brought my car in for a tune-up and Bogi (the owner) said "well everyone has a different idea of what a tune-up is, we will run some tests and let you know what we find." A couple of hours later Bogi calls me back and goes down a laundry list of items and tells me stuff like "well you could do [this and theat] but they aren't necessary as they look good at this point". CLEARLY she could have up sold me on any number of things, but she absolutely did not. I was/am absolutely STUNNED!When I picked up my car there were those paper mats on my floor (something that my deal doesn't even do anymore) AND a metal water bottle with a $25 off on your next visit coupon attached. Talk about exceeding expectations!Never mind the awesomeness of supporting a woman owned business, you also can trust her/them. "Ummm ... WINNING!"

5 180 Automotive 4/19/2011