This Place Rocks! Love the fact that they are honest and there prices are no where near Mercedes! The Staff is always awesome and very friendly! The Mechanics Rock! I like to request Angel because she gets the job done! Bogi the owner is amazing! You can'y go wrong with any of the Mechanics though. I love that when my service is complete they always have a treat waiting on your seat. : ) The waiting room is awesome. They have wireless so I can literally work remote! A must service for your vehicle!!

5 180 Automotive 4/8/2013

Update to an earlier review. They still provide a reliable service at a good price. However, their incredibly proactive approach to communicating seems to have declined a bit. In the past, they would give updates if delays are expected, etc. The past service required me to constantly call only to find out that, yes...the car is ready. Not sure how long it had been ready. This happened on more than one occasion. Again, they are still very friendly but the service seems to have declined slightly.

Hi Brent - I truly appreciate your feedback, and want to apologize that you have gotten the sense that our communication has declined a bit. Admittedly we have had some changes recently in our staff in an attempt to improve our customer care and provide even more services for our customers - however the last time you were in was during a bit of a transition for us. This is by no means meant to excuse the lack of communication you experienced. However, I want you to know that your concerns are valid and heard loud and clear and has been a top priority for me to resolve over the last few months. I look forward to having an opportunity to prove that to you in the near future!Again, thank you for the honest feedback. Bogi Phoenix Auto Repair | 180 Automotive
4 180 Automotive 3/25/2013

Flipping awesome place!!! Wow I'm stoked to find such a solid car mechanic! The prices are right on at this place! I couldn't believe my ears when I heard how cheap it was to fix my car.The owner also worked with BMW for 8-9 years before opening this place. She knows her stuff inside and out. I will be back and so will my friends. :)

5 180 Automotive 2/24/2013

The girls were awesome, and I kind of wish I lived in their waiting room. I took my laptop and worked for the day in their desk area enjoying their big selection of Keurig coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. They're really expensive, but I don't mind paying more if it means I'll be treated like an intelligent woman instead of a dumb broad like at other shops.

5 180 Automotive 1/7/2013

Who really likes goes to the mechanic? It's always a love/hate relationship isn't it?On Christmas Eve my car was towed to 180 where at first I thought it was open. The answering machine said they were closed on Xmas day and the day after. Oops...that was a mistake (which they owned up to and apologized for very promptly).However Bogi and her team at 180 Degrees Automotive, Inc. made my experience an excellent one...even during the already chaotic holiday time!With the stellar customer service, an outstanding and cozy (not to mention stylish) office to wait in and benefit perks that will keep you *wanting* to come back, Bogi knows what she is doing!Thank you Bogi and team! Thank you!When I *need* a mechanic I am happy to use your shop and SUPPORT LOCAL and WOMEN OWNED businesses!ReAwaken will definitely be in touch for a Car Care Party for our nonprofit group ( whose mission is to educate and empower women!

5 180 Automotive 12/27/2012

Trustworthy. Honest. Friendly. That's about all that needs to be said about this place...but on top of that they're local and woman-owned.I took my car in for an oil change and asked them to see if anything was going on (it's an old car and wasn't sounding all that happy). They figured it out, told me, gave me a quote and then didn't use any scare tactics or pressure me. They told me honestly that some of the work didn't really need to be done and then some was more urgent. That's a very different experience than I've gotten at other places!! I will be back!!

5 180 Automotive 10/11/2012

What a difference a new location with more space makes. I now kinda feel like I make up reasons to bring my car in so I can cowork at the awesome desk in the new sexy space 180 just moved into. Headlight out? 180 should be able to fix that. I feel like my exhaust pipe may be loose but I may simply be paranoid? 180 can check that for me. I don't like the song on the radio? 180 can fix that (well probably not, but I can still cowork while they amuse me).The fact that there are more bays also means my typical maintenance gets done so much quicker too. I've been able to get in and out of the shop in an hour or so. And there's space to sit there. And a desk!!!!! A real desk. So I can sit down and be an adult and connect to the VPN and do all that work stuff. And the rest of the stuff I've always loved has still stayed the same. It's locally owned by and operated by some kick ass women. They always tell me what's going on with my car in a completely no bullshit, non-condescending way. The prices are reasonable. And they are very friendly. Most importantly, they truly care. Oh and, they're reusable cups they give as presents are amazing and well designed. Love!So next time your car needs to be looked at, let me know. I'll bring it in for you.

Tonia - I appreciate your honesty and just want to say that we agree!! Waiting a week for an appointment for an oil change is crazy, and waiting more than an hour once you are here is also too much. I will be the first to admit that we have been experienceing some growing pains and out grew our building and the size of our staff a long time ago, it has been quite the double edged sword. However, I very happy to say that after a year in the works - we finally moved into our new and much larger building two weeks ago. This will allow us to add more technicians and ultimately get you and your car in quicker for appointments and get you back on the road faster. I assure you, we are looking for a marriage as well. I truly hope you come check out our new space and give us another chance. Also - just so you know - we do have free loaner cars available and a free shuttle service. If it is easier for you to leave your car with us than to wait, we'd love to take you to work or just let you drive one of our cars for the day! Phoenix Auto Repair | 180 Automotive
5 180 Automotive 10/6/2012

Good place to take your car. Very professional setup and they seem to do good work.Be sure to get a quote from your dealer on some items and 180 will match.

5 180 Automotive 9/20/2012

I'm not going to lie. My husband was PISSED when he got his car back. They didn't do anything he told them to do. He was livid.But let me start from the beginning. We walked it and it was a beautiful shop. Seriously, the comfiest shop ever. The kids grabbed a seat, watched some tv, had a piece of candy. It was great. I was seriously impressed by the place. The front desk person was super sweet. The customer service was really great all around. But then we got the car back, drove it home, and it was busted. I can't get too in to detail, because I don't know all that much about cars. But in his fury, my husband pulled out his paper to show me all the places he told them to do certain things, and his diagnoses and that they didn't do any of it. There were things he paid for that weren't done, things that were done wrong... etc. etc. etc.But everyone makes mistakes right? It's all in how it's handled, right? So the husband calls the shop, the OWNER comes TO OUR HOUSE with a lender car and a tow. They totally worked around our schedule to make sure I could pick it up for him while he was working. They threw in a couple freebies, didn't charge for some stuff they could have... they just really went above and beyond to make it right. And that's why they get 5 stars from me. I don't think them messing up is common at all, I think maybe it was a busy day, things got overlooked, or whatever. Nonetheless, the inconvenience was handled wonderfully and we will without a doubt be going back.

5 180 Automotive 8/16/2012

I love this place! I've been taking my car to 180 auto for the last couple years and have never left disappointed. Bogi, Lisa, Whitney, Angel and Kenny (yes, I know them all by name, that's how friendly and cool they are) have always been completely honest with me and have never tried to sell me work they didn't think I absolutely needed. They have shown me a level of customer service that is unparallel to anywhere. I frequently just stop in to chat with the crew. They have all become good friends of mine. If your looking for a place you can trust with amazing customer service go here, hands down!

5 180 Automotive 6/26/2012