Finding places like 180 Degrees Automotive is why I love Yelp. Being the typical girl when it comes to auto repairs, I find that even getting a simple oil change is a bit daunting. They always tell you that you NEED all this stuff that isn't absolutely necessary and I always feel like I'm being lied to but also don't want to drive away in a car that may explode. I assume many people can sympathize with this type of anxious feeling.In my recent quest to do things more locally, I decided to try this place out for a simple oil change. I have a 2000 Honda Civic that has a lot of miles on it, and I'm just hoping it makes it another year. I was in and out relatively quickly (I didn't make an appointment) and enjoyed the company of Bogi and her staff. Her parents also happened to be hanging out, and they are fun! They made the wait go by quickly. During this time I heard about the classes that Bogi holds and her general passion for cars.When my regular oil change was done, Bogi went over suggested repairs and was pretty honest about whether or not I needed them. She wasn't put off by the fact that I really don't want to invest in a car that I will likely have for only another year. I also got my AC checked out, which ended up being much too high of an estimate for my little pocketbook but I felt that the estimate was honest and it came with an explanation that made sense.Recently, my car was the victim of a hit and run. The trunk is completely obliterated but it seemed to be running fine. I brought it into the shop and they worked with me to get the tail lights fixed and even attempted to hammer the trunk down a bit so I could see more clearly through the rear view mirror. Bogi gave me a honest estimate on body work (they don't actually do much body work at their site) and helped me fix my car up so I can drive it for a little while and not get pulled over (or have it explode).I used to dread going to get anything done to my car, but 180 Degrees totally puts me at ease and I actually sort of look forward to it. The staff is wonderful and trustworthy- not something I've ever been able to say about an automotive place. I guess I've found my local mechanic!

5 180 Automotive 6/8/2009

Even though I don't know the first thing about autombile care, I know when I'm being taken for a sucker. Which is pretty much all the time. What can I do about it since I can't afford a brand new car? Nothing except make this shop my new tow-to location. I felt like I was given a fair price for necessary work (tune-up) and for the first time nobody tried to take advantage of me. Upcoming concerns were addressed professionally and it was OH, SO refreshing when I realized that I was actually making it out of the shop without some dude coming up to me holding a slightly dusty car part telling me that as I can see this needs to be replaced and the $5 doo-dad can be replaced for only $30 extra. Whew!ETA: Received a message from this business on my voice mail the other day; following up with the service to see if the problem had returned. More great customer service!

4 180 Automotive 5/17/2009

After reading all these great reviews, I decided to take my newly acquired beater car (only need it for a year - fingers crossed that it makes it!) to be inspected. Christina helped me setting up an appointment on the phone and she was super nice! After that, Bogi was my main contact and she was so helpful and informative!! She went over everything that was wrong with the car and then pointed out the most critical things that needed to be fixed right away. I could definitely tell that she understood my situation with not wanting to put a ton of money into an older car, and I know that most other auto repair shops wouldn't have cared about that at all. Bogi takes a very personal approach and that is why she has such great reviews from her customers. I will definitely be taking my hunk of junk back to 180!!!

5 180 Automotive 5/12/2009

So we thought that my husband's car needed brakes and I was sick of getting royally ripped off in Phoenix auto repair heaven! I had seen 180 Auto advertised through Ticoz and Local AZ and decided that a woman who offered classes to non-mechanic women might be a great choice in a mechanic.We dropped off my hubby's car and they called to ask him why he thought he needed brakes. He told them that he heard a grinding sound and just assumed at 45k that it might be brakes. Well, they told us his brakes were fine and we didn't need to pay for something we didn't need.Um, what?I've NEVER had a mechanic tell me I DIDN'T need something. I suspect that even the times that may have been true, I've never known it because they either did the job and charged me or didn't and charged me.I go back with my other vehicle tomorrow to see if IT needs brakes! I will never go anywhere else again! I love Bogi and Christina and can recommend them with NO hesitation!

5 180 Automotive 4/20/2009

Bogi is totally boss.There's really no other way to put it. On several recommendations from my fellow yelpers, i took my 2000 Honda in for a 105k mi. "tune up." BTW, i had never, ever replaced a thing in that car (air filters, and brake pads aside). So i call around and get some quotes. Call 180 first and the receptionist took my info and called me back within a couple hours with the details on what they recommend for my car and how much it would cost. Caught out and about, i asked her to email me the info so i could easily refer to it down the road - she did. Awesome.Called another top recommended mechanic, Gene's in Tempe. He called back with the quote within 24 hours and was actually slightly cheaper but offered no loaner vehicle or ride and was not open on weekends. No go.Called Honda dealership - ha! I repeat. Ha! I had to walk HIM through the recommended replacements I had already found out about thru much more helpful shops. Plus it was about $200 more. Gugh...Back to Bogi - besides, she's a lady and I love her mission! Oh, must note: Took the list of recommended replacements and their cost and sent to a few knowledgeable friends. All said Gene and Bogi's quotes were totally legit.OK, back to Bogi. Took my car promptly at 7:45 as planned and they dropped me off at work since it was just right up the street (p.s. take the loaner, it's a Beamer). They called mid-way thru the day to note a cracked motor mount they noticed while "in there" and if i wanted to take care of that now (or pay the part cost + $150 labor later). um, i'll do that now. what's another $60 when you're dropping $680, right?Picked me up promptly at 4:30 and turns out they found another $60 repair needed after already calling and, not wanting to bother me again, just did it -- for free. Whaaa??I repeat, Bogi is totally boss.

5 180 Automotive 3/17/2009

I took my Honda there for some routine maintenance and brake work and I was very pleased. They fixed the problem and they were very friendly.

5 180 Automotive 3/4/2009

Bogi is the BEST. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and most importantly-- HONEST. My BMW was towed to a shop in Anthem bc 180 is closed on the wkends. I was quoted +$800 to replace the fuel pump. I called Bogi and she quoted me several hundred dollars less. After explaining to her that my car was undriveable and determining that it probably wouldn't be worth it to have it towed down to her, she taught my local mechanic how to fix it easier and she even hooked him up w/ her discount for the part bc she has more purchasing power. WHAT?!?!? I couldn't believe it either. I've referred my friends to her and they have all been satisfied with the work. Give 180 Auto a try.. you won't regret it! Oh yeah, she gives a loaner car too if needed so you aren't totally out of commission for the day.

5 180 Automotive 2/6/2009

We've paid them money for one car. They are getting to work on another. I can't think of any garage that we've had work on both our cars ( bikes yes, cars no) We had narrowed down the rough problem but have a vacation coming up, work to get to and the chance that I could mess it up led me to check out mechanics on Yelp. Glad I did. We managed to get a quick appointment. Sadly we had an intermittent fault, the worst and usually most expensive kind. After they noticed that Erin understood terms above and beyond Steering thing, go button and Mr Stoppy trust me that was the level of the usual condescension that we received from shops prior she was treated like .. ta da! a customer:D While they couldn't conclusively guarantee the problem being the lead to the starter ( as I said intermittent) they were generous with the diagnostic fee and rather than do the usual replacement job seem to have fixed it . E.g I'm happier with a realistic fair estimate than blind replacement that seems to be practiced at most shops. They call when they say they will, offer to arrange loaners and so far I'm really impressed. Soon as something more substantial requires work will revisit the rating.

4 180 Automotive 9/25/2008

Thanks to Thomas for recommending 180 Degrees Auto. Inc. I was very satisfied with the service and the pricing was better than I expected. I can now begin to trust the auto service industry again knowing Bogi & team are looking out for me and my car's best interest. I found the180 Degrees team to be knowledgeable, informative, customer focused, professional, caring and honest. Here's why?1. I was offered a ride home when I set my appointment and again when I checked my car in. Dealers don't even offer this anymore! 2. I was promised only services needed would be suggested. Promise kept!3. I received an informative and helpful phone consultation prior to picking up my car after it was serviced. Bogi went over the findings and suggested future maintenance.4. Once I got to the shop I received a full write up of the suggested maintenance that would improve my car's performance/life span. The write-up even included prices and suggested dates.5. I was surprised and very happy to receive a new customer special diagnostic check. I did not expect it, but the gesture made an impression that my business was appreciated. 6. Best of all, the shop recently relocated a few blocks from my house. I will definitely be back for future service and trust 180 degrees Auto Inc with my vehicle. Now if I can just find a trustworthy body shop to fix the dent left in my bumper by a hit and run driver! A-hole plowed right into me, backed up, and sped away!

5 180 Automotive 9/17/2008

R u kidding me? Seriously? Look "Mr. I'm gonna steal another person's website, design, logo and business motto" and try and pass it off as your own. Lame. How Jr. high school of you. Are you the kinda guy who ripped the opposing student council leader's posters down? Like Reese Witherspoon in Election? Yelpers. My fellow yelpers. Bogi of 180 Degree Auto is THE mechanic to see in all of Phoenix. In addition to being ethical, smart and affordable she's cute as all get out, the bestest friend you could have and, yes and, has the most adorable parents. Well, next to mine anyway. Car broke? See Bogi? Not the most recent impersonator. Pahleeze.

5 180 Automotive 9/12/2008