I stopped by this place because a friend had recommended them, so I thought I would try them out. I knew I needed brakes and possibly rotors, and I tend to wait to the possibly last second to get them done (which is costly and dumb). They were very friendly and fit me in with an appointment for the following day. They had replaced my brakes and rotors within 3 hours of bringing in my car for $430, which is about an average price. They did try to sell me on a tire rotation and a oil change, I declined. But at least they didn't try to sell me on an air filter, I'm so annoyed when places try to do that, hell I can replace that myself. I would go to this place again, they're easy to work with and they seem pretty honest.

4 180 Automotive 10/11/2011

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Bogi, Lisa, Angel and Louie are amazing! I know she has a couple new additions to the crew as well, just don't know them as well. They are always honest. I NEVER am concerned I am being ripped off or overcharged because they lay out a clear plan of attack for whatever needs to be done. 180 has done all of the maintenance on my car when the time came to start replacing belts, brakes, pumps, hoses, etc. and has always done stellar work!I took Bogi's car class and learned so much. I have AAA and a cell phone but I am more aware and I just feel more independent. Now, I know I can change a flat tire on my own and have the basic knowledge to take care of my car. I am moving in November and am going to miss them. Who misses their mechanic? Lula (the car) and I will!

5 180 Automotive 8/5/2011

Unreal! I've never found a truly trustworthy mechanic in my life, but I have now. I brought my car in for a tune-up and Bogi (the owner) said "well everyone has a different idea of what a tune-up is, we will run some tests and let you know what we find." A couple of hours later Bogi calls me back and goes down a laundry list of items and tells me stuff like "well you could do [this and theat] but they aren't necessary as they look good at this point". CLEARLY she could have up sold me on any number of things, but she absolutely did not. I was/am absolutely STUNNED!When I picked up my car there were those paper mats on my floor (something that my deal doesn't even do anymore) AND a metal water bottle with a $25 off on your next visit coupon attached. Talk about exceeding expectations!Never mind the awesomeness of supporting a woman owned business, you also can trust her/them. "Ummm ... WINNING!"

5 180 Automotive 4/19/2011

While having my car shipped from VA to (Phoenix) AZ I got a call notifying me that a regulator gave out, leaving my front passenger window down. So, I performed an online search and luckily I found Bogi! Of all the mechanics I talked with she was the only one that was concerned with securing my vehicle in her yard as it was scheduled to arrive in AZ on a holiday weekend. Not only did she give me her mobile # so that I could call her if the car arrived after her regular shop hours, she fixed the window on her day off! I will definitely take my car to Bogi again.

5 180 Automotive 2/6/2011

Boyfriend took his recently purchased used Mercedes here for some work. When we returned to pay, they admitted they had made a huge mistake with their quote. They had under quoted by$ 500!! They forgot to add labor and 1 part. HOWEVER, they stayed true to their quote. But, my generous boyfriend paid in full. He said he knew they would be fair to him in the future....let's hope so! Great work ladies! Car runs great.

4 180 Automotive 10/31/2010

Took the wife's car in for new motor mounts and coolant hoses. The work took almost all day, but their location to the light rail made the day fly by. I was extremely happy with the quality of work completed. Price was a little high on the labor side, but the job was difficult so I can kinda look past that. The only negative I have was that the goal in the beginning was to add as much work "needed" on my car as they could. I know you just have to say no thank you, but it gets annoying having to keep the focus on what you came in for. That being said I would definitely go back to 180 for my future car repair needs.

4 180 Automotive 9/1/2010

As a woman I've always been a little weary of taking my car to get looked at in fear of being taken advantage of. (i.e. There's a tiny mythological creature in your exhaust) Anyone? ... Anyway. I called 180 early in the week and made an appt. for that Friday. I was greeted by Cory who was very friendly and they immediately started looking at my car while I waited. They have a nice little sitting area with some magazines and even a YELP! Sticker on their window:) I was there for 15-20 mins when Cory explained to me that my water pump was leaking and I was lucky it hadn't caused any extensive damage. Not only did they not charge me to diagnose my problem (like all these big dealerships usually do) but Cory took it upon herself to find out if my powertrain warranty covered this problem over to the second owner. It did! So I took my car to the dealership and the problem was fixed that day. For free. Awesome.

5 180 Automotive 6/13/2010

I've been having my car worked on here for a while now and have had a great experience every time. The staff is great, the service very good and they treat you really well. The prices are great as well. What more can you ask for?I would highly recommend this place.

5 180 Automotive 6/4/2010

I just moved here from Seattle when my 1997 Mercury Tracer was acting up, engine was "missing" and no ac. I found Bogi and her team at 180 degree Automotive on a Yelp search and Following a phone call I drove right in and dropped my car off to check out what I described as a miss in the engine and have a look at the ac. Their shop was busy with several cars already, it looked clean and organized and everyone seemed busy in a good way, so I left my car with the understanding they would fit it in as they could and check with me before they did anything. The next day they called and Bogi explained that the ac would have to be replaced and 4 of the engine mounts would need replacing to smooth out the engine. The work was done in three days and when I picked p the car it sounded great and the ac ran with no problem, nice cold air. one day later I was driving and the engine began to run rough and then to miss and the ck engine light came on and then after about a minute it stopped and ran normally again, I drove home and waited till Monday to contact 180 Degree Automotive and Bogi and return the car to the shop to find out what the code was and what was going on. This is where Bogi and Cory were amazing, they diagnosed and researched the right way to go about fixing the problem, unfortunately that involved a complete top engine rebuild and with time required to send the head out to be repaired. I cannot say enough about how professional and competent both Bogi and Cory made me feel in dealing with them they communicated what was going on through the process, and when the work was done, I feel like I am in a safe vehicle again. The work was done in a expedient manner and when I picked up the car Bogi reviewed all the work that had been done and even had pictures to share with me of different elements of the work that had been done. I feel that I met some great professionals and received a great value for my money. I will take my car there from now on when things come up. Bogi and her Team are First Rate Five Star Mechanics in my book!

5 180 Automotive 6/2/2010

So after a terrifying experience at Brake Masters I found 180 Automotive on Yelp (thank you!) and took my truck there. All I can say is I have found my safe haven and where I will be sure to take all future vehicles and recommend to everyone I know.Kory and Bogi are great about making you feel comfortable with what is going on. They explained everything and have competitive pricing for their repairs. I was told my BM that everything was wrong with my vehicles brake system; 180 Automotive looked at my truck and were very honest about what was going on with it. Instead of $1400 at BM it was $700. Granted they were honest and told me that my trucks Master Cylinder was fine, so that did save money. I am always trying to find women owned businesses, but I never dreamed that I would find an automotive repair shop owned by a woman. A place not into scare tactics and honest...who would have thought it was possible!

5 180 Automotive 6/2/2010