I was quoted over $600 on a repair and wanted a second opinion. A friend recommended 180 Auto and I have to say they've earned their stellar reputation! They were professional, the office was lovely- AND it turns out I didn't need the recommended repair at all!!!! Never going to a dealership again, I am going to be coming here for my auto maintenance needs from now on.

5 180 Automotive 2/23/2017

180 Automotive is the best! Thorough review of my auto, friendly staff, honest mechanic and impeccable service! We've been customers for over 4 years! Thank you for taking care of us!

5 180 Automotive 2/8/2017

I love 180 Auto. Kenny is wonderful as are all of the staff. I know I can trust when they tell me I need something done and they always prioritize what has to be done now versus what can wait.

5 180 Automotive 2/7/2017

Excellent and very prompt customer service! Immaculate shop, comfortable lounge and great parking for a central Phoenix shop. I will definitely return for future service.

5 180 Automotive 2/6/2017

You guys are great!

5 180 Automotive 1/31/2017

Friendly service as always. I appreciate the explanations of what needs to be done. Thanks!

5 180 Automotive 1/30/2017

Excellent customer service you can trust. 180 Degrees Automotive goes above and beyond to ensure you and your car's needs are met. Love the friendly staff too!

5 180 Automotive 1/26/2017

great. as usual. thanks.

4.5 180 Automotive 1/21/2017

As always the 180° team has my back! I love that I never have to worry. Even just routine service and the team checks my car and let's me know what's coming up. No surprises, no shenanigans just great service! I'll be back!

5 180 Automotive 1/15/2017

I've been going to 180 automotive to take care of my mini cooper ever since the warranty expired, and they have been awesome. Every time I have an issue, they are the first ones I go to. They let me know what issues are most pressing to fix, and which can wait. There is no pressure, and they explain in detail what is going on with my vehicle (even sending pictures and answering some of my very long winded questions). I look forward (as much as one can look forward to fixing a vehicle) to working with the in the future.

5 180 Automotive 1/13/2017