The repair was awesome. Mine you it was difficult as well. Not a replace a part and be done. Spot on with the estimate. Communication with the front desk was lacking a bit as I had to do all of the calling for status. And the tech left several spots on the driver's threshold and floor mat. I got over it and this would be areas to improve. Thanks!!!!!

4 180 Automotive 6/27/2017

Nice to work with. Also nice to know that we can trust you and never be gouged.

5 180 Automotive 6/26/2017

Great quality usual!

5 180 Automotive 6/26/2017

Very professional, thorough and most importantly in the auto mechanics business HONEST!

5 180 Automotive 6/21/2017

Great service

4.5 180 Automotive 6/12/2017

As always, awesome!

5 180 Automotive 6/12/2017

Best mechanics, shop, customer service & owner in Arizona!

5 180 Automotive 6/8/2017

Great shop, great people, great customer service! Angel performed the work on my BMW with pride and confidence, and it showed! The beautiful customer lounge area makes me want to just hangout and drink their coffee. Highly recommended if you want peace of mind with your auto repairs.

5 180 Automotive 5/22/2017

I have found the perfect hospital for my car! Everyone here at 180 couldn't be any nicer, I love that there are no surprises, they always keep you fully informed. Prices and service are grade A, you have my total business. Your personal touch of leaving a little gift in the cars you service is outstanding! Making customers feel special is a very smart way to do business.

5 180 Automotive 5/21/2017

Great service & excellent work.

5 180 Automotive 5/10/2017